FORBES lovend over Candela

Het Amerikaanse FORBES is bij monde van verslaggever Bill Springer zeer lovend over de prestaties van het Zweedse Candela.

"You could say that the growing team of hypersmart engineers, software developers, yacht designers and boatbuilders at Candela Speed Boat have been “designing and building an all-electric-powered boat that’s similar to what Elon Musk did with Tesla automobiles,” since Gustav Hasselskog founded the company in Stockholm, Sweden in 2014.

Bill SpringerForbes

But that wouldn’t exactly be right. In fact, what they’ve done—created an electric-powered, zero-emission speedboat that’s capable of travelling up to 50 nautical miles at 22-knots between charges—was probably much harder than what Elon Musk has done simply because boats have much more drag to overcome than cars.”

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