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RS Pulse 63

100% electric emission free RIB

RS Pulse 63

First production rib with fully integrated electric drive

The RS Pulse is the first production RIB with a fully integrated electric drive. The hull of the RS Pulse is specially designed for the electric drive. The tunnel shape and long waterline length ensure reduced drag at a lower spee.

Smooth sailing comfort

With the battery pack located low in the hull, the center of gravity lowers, which benefits sailing comfort. This unique combination ensures a stable RIB with very good sailing characteristics, both at speed and at surveillance speed. In summary, the RS Pulse combines a highly efficient hull shape with proven technology from the electric car industry.

RS Pulse 63

The result of more than 3 years of development.



6,3 m / 20.6 ft


2,3 m / 7.5 ft


610 KG


RAD40 Hubless Rim Drive

Motor power

47 kW


46 kWh Hyperdrive GEN4 14-Cell (52Vnom) Lithium-Ion Modular Pack


45 NM at 15 KTS


23 KTS


The RS Pulse is revolutionary because of the technology and innovation used. The RS Pulse defines a new genre of motorboats.

The sustainable construction of the RS Pulse consists of bio-based epoxy resin, recycled PET material, and basalt, and flax fibers. These fibers are incredibly strong and energy-absorbing. The knowledge gained with the RS Aero and RS21 sailing boats ensures that RS is able to develop this durable laminate. The laminate used is lightweight and lasts a long time, even under the most extreme conditions.


British RS Electric Boats is a sister company of RS Sailing. The multi-award-winning RS design team has over 25 years of experience designing and building zero-emission craft. For the development of the RS Pulse, it collaborates with the leading experts from the world of electric drives.

The RS Pulse, the first production RIB with a fully integrated electric drive, is the result of more than 3 years of development.

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